Monday, February 11, 2008

sennheiser hd650

After 9 years of what I, back then, thought of as an absolutely superb pair of headphones, both in looks and in sound quality, I went ahead and replaced them with the ones in the picture above. Friends usually accuse me of overreaching myself. This purchase was definitely a case in point. I started out considering a good pair of audiophile headphones, then I found out that I could afford a much better set if ordered on the web, for the same price, like the Sennheiser HD595. Next thing I know, I was already ordering the top of the range Sennheiser HD650 from eBay... Going from a 40 euro to a $600 piece is like going from a Citroen 2CV to a Bugatti Veyron so my blog entry may not attest to their astonishing sound. Here's some hard facts:

  • Systems with narrow tolerances (± 1dB), hand-picked in pairs.
  • High quality, titanium finish.
  • Specially modulated connecting cable (detachable) made from highly conductive OFC copper, Kevlar-reinforced, with very low handling noise.
  • Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils for excellent transient response.