Sunday, May 17, 2009

green Pu-Erh tablet

I first thought of twitting about it, but no, some things deserve a fully blown entry. This is a summary given by Dammann Frères:

The designation of Pu-Erh originally comes from the name of a village in the south of Yunnan, Pu er, located on the ancient silk routes which were the foundation of trade between the Chinese government and the indigenous tribes people of Yunnan. Fabricated in the same way as the aged Pu-Erh, this tablet is made with green tea from Da Ye bushes, which are specific to the Yunnan region. The fresh shoots are not subjected to an ageing process, allowing them to conserve their green colour and a captivating floral aroma.

I can only add that this is one of my favourite teas, along with Fortnum and Mason's most excellent darjeeling finest tippy golden flowery orange pekoe tea.